About Us


In 1995, an elite of competent and professional people in Jordan took the initiative of establishing the Jordan Society for Quality as a developed civil society organization, stemming from their sense of importance of developing the national quality level by mean of raising the awareness of the quality concepts and culture, and turning the quality culture into a behavioral and professional value and as a life style in all segments of the Jordanian society.


The society includes in its membership all those concerned or competent in quality culture or sciences, both individual and corporate. The society serves its members and the society by providing several activities of educative and outreach nature with the concepts and culture of quality, such as pro bono lectures and courses; it also aims at building the capacities of its members through offering specialized training courses to enable its members from attaining proper qualification to practice their business at a higher quality level or by helping others to improve the quality of the products and services that they provide.


The society strives at building networking and cooperation relations with public and private institutions; local, regional and international, with which it aims at realizing common goals or with those institutions that may be of help to the society in achieving its goals. The society therefore is a member to the board of directors of the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and the steering committee for King Abdullah II Award for Excellence (Private Sector Institutions); it is also a founding member in the Middle East Quality Association (MEQA). The Jordan Society for Quality is proud of its active members of experts and professionals who have put the aggregate of their professional expertise and services to raise the quality level in Jordan, the Arab countries and the whole world.


Our Vision

To turn quality as a life style for the members of Jordanian society in all its segments.


Our Mission

The Jordan Society for Quality aims at nationally developing the quality level by dissemination of awareness of quality concepts and culture and building the capacities of its members and the society members to enable them from providing good products and services, cooperation and networking with local, regional, and international institutions with a view to make the quality culture a behavioral and professional value and a life approach in all groups of Jordanian society members.


Our Values

Compliance with quality as the standard for society advancement.

Quality is a right to each of us, and a basic element for better life for both us and our children in the future.

Quality is the way to a prosperous economy and excellence.