1. Identifying and having access to current developments of quality arena;
  2. Joining the community of quality - concerned people and communicating with the members thereof at professional and social levels;
  3. Benefiting from the Society's library;
  4. Participating as members in the periodical activities that it holds such as seminars and workshops;


The Society contributes to raising the quality level through free seminars and lectures provided to its members, such as:

  • Requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Management System 18001, Environment Management System ISO 14001 and the applications thereof, delivered by Dr. Sahar Al-Masri;
  • Medication Error delivered by Ms. Joanne Ashton;
  • Professional Certification and accreditation, delivered by Eng. Husni Ulmaa; during which the professional certificates, the need thereto, and the international and local entities accrediting such certificates has been identified.

There are many examples on the free seminars and lectures that the Society holds:

  • Quality principles and applications;
  • Medication Error;
  • Hospital accreditation survey process;
  • Six Sigma;
  • How to set Educational Program in Healthcare Organization;
  • Management of high alert medication;
  • Role of writers and artists in reducing traffic accidents and results thereof;
  • Transition to total quality management;
  • Achieving Patient Safety through Healthcare FMEA;


  1. Procuring a discount for members on the paid activities fees, such as workshops, training courses, and conferences, whether organized by the Society or its partners;
  2. Benefiting from memoranda of understanding and partnerships that the society enters into with Jordanian, regional and international institutions and entities, such as the Arab Management and Knowledge Society, Higher Education Accreditation Commission and King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, by participating in the activities accompanying such memoranda or procuring discounts granted for the membership and activities of those entities;
  3. Providing opportunities to the Society's members to give consultations, training courses and seminars to companies and institutions which intend to procure such consultations and courses from the Society;
  4. Providing job opportunities to quality specialists to work for companies and institutions which ask the Society to provide such specializations;
  5. Nominating external residents from the number of the Society's members for evaluation processes in both the Higher Education Accreditation Commission and King Abdullah II Center for Excellence;
  6. Benefiting from the subscriptions of the society with regional and international associations and institutions such as MEQA; the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and representing the Society in its activities;
  7. Benefiting from representing the Society in the board of directors of institutions such as the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and other institutions;
  8. Voting, running and membership to the board of directors of the society and its sectoral committees and its representative before partner and external institutions and entities;
  9. Procuring membership certificates, participating in its committees, and procuring all services of membership to the Society;
  10. Communicating with the members of the Society through participating in social activities.


The Jordan Society for Quality aims at keeping its members in complete communication through social activities, the most significant of which is Ramadan Iftar.

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