1. Spreading and dissemination of quality culture and importance thereof through periodical seminars held at the Society;
  2. Promoting professionalism in quality sciences and applications on ground through workshops;


The Society delivers several workshops to promote professionalizing in quality sciences and actual applications thereof, such as:


  • Quality concepts and association thereof to the European excellence model (EFQM), delivered by the president of the Society Eng. Usama Hammad;
  • Statistical Analysis using SPSS, delivered by Dr. Mahfouth Joudeh;
  • Participation with counterpart national, regional and international entities in awarding quality certificates and excellence awards, including (MEQA) and Excellence Centers for Business Sector in UAE;
  • Cooperating with quality institutions abroad, participating in world association, contributing to establishing specialized scientific centers related to quality development and productivity in Jordan, including receiving and holding constructive meeting with the delegate of the General Secretariat for total quality project in Taif of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where discussion had been made on the mechanism of the society's action and experience thereof;
  • Participating in cultural, scientific and national activities related to quality by holding high level conferences such as the periodical Jordanian Quality Conference;
  • The Jordan Society for Quality had held several conferences with the aim to raise, develop and promote quality at the national level through disseminating awareness of quality concepts and culture, such as: procuring references and establishing information bank for quality sciences;
  • Issuing scientific and guiding books, journals and brochures in the name of the Society and translating scientific literature and bulletins specialized in quality topics;
  • Participating in formulating education quality level raising at all basic, intermediate and high levels thereof through networking and partnering with concerned institutions such as the memorandum of understanding that the Society entered into with the Higher Education Accreditation Commission which provided for rendering technical and technological support through the Jordan Society for Quality participation in technical, advisory and supervisory committees as well as reviewing and improving the accreditation standards in line with the transitory variables and objectives, preparing, reviewing and improving the evaluation procedures and forms, and participating in making field tours;
  • Attracting persons with competence and expertise as members in the Society to contribute to achieving the goals thereof;
  • Participating in drafting and developing laws, legislations and specifications related to quality, including the Society's active participation in the meetings of the board of directors and the standing technical committee for the renewable energy sector at the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, in addition to the participation in King Abdullah II Award for Excellence;
  • Implementing training programs related to quality sciences and applications thereof through holding workshops such as: Developing Strategic Plan for Health Care Organizations delivered by Dr. Bushra Al-Ayed;

There are many examples on the training courses that the Society hold:

  • Institutional excellence;
  • King Abdullah II Award for Excellence;
  • Total Quality Management;
  • Advanced Total Quality Management;
  • Human Resources Development;
  • Total Quality Applications;
  • Human Resources Practices;
  • Quality Management System;
  • ISO 9001:2008;
  • Total Quality Tools using SPSS;
  • Development and Evaluation of Human Resources Management System;
  • Risk Management;
  • Six Sigma;
  • Infection Control;
  • Quality Role in Pharmacy in- Hospital Practice;
  • Development and Application of Performance Evaluation System;
  • Advance HACCP;
  • HACCP;
  • Medication Error;
  • Infection control;
  • Development and Application of Strategy (Company/ Institution);
  • Balanced Performance Scorecards;
  • Customer Service Quality;
  • Standards of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation of Educational Institutions;
  • ISO 14000 Environmental Systems Verification Standards;
  • "18001 Health and Safety Management System Requirements;
  • And ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems and Applications thereof";
  • Preparation for CPHQ;
  • Developing Strategic Planning;
  • Developing Policies and Procedures;
  • Infection Control;
  • Health Care Quality Management.